Secret Wood. Skippy:a short film about love and death. We struggle between Good and Evil.

Secret WoodSKIPPY- GEENDIE is a project concieved by Luca Cerlini, Francesco Testoni, and Paolo Zaninelli.

These threee guys are just not video makers, they want do much more: they wanna show Art through a visual, dreamlike way.  Their earmark is a deer: deer is the symbol of mystery, fantasy and of fairytales. Deer is generally considered as the king of the wood. These guys produce short films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials, either written by themselves or by their clients.

Their last project is called “Skippy”: it’s a short movie about love and death. The protagonist (David Ghilardi) is wondering around an onerical landscape of joy and hope, grief and despair. He has always been told beauty was everywhere: he has just to look for her, and try to keep her alive. Beauty is fragile sometimes, so you need to protect her. He starts thinking of his girlfriend (Priscilla Marlocchi). She is the symbol of fragile beauty, of love and of good things.

The guy wanted his girlfriend so much. Love and beauty seem to be a dream and you don’t want to wake up. Suddenly everything turns bad: the guy has just made his choice between Good and EvilSKIPPY- GEENDIE. He has made a choice for himself and for his girlfriend too. He has just killed beauty. The balance is broken.

We’ve got so many doubts everyday, we’ve got great expectations, and we make choices everyday. But sometimes we do wrong. Sometimes we chose Evil. That’s it. Anyway “Skippy” soundtrack is amazing: you can listen to a wonderful Sigur Ros song,  “Eg Anda” played during this short film. When you’re gonna see the end credits, you can also listen to another famous song: “One more kiss, dear”,  by Vangelis, that has already been used in Blade Runner. Check it


Written by Giulia Guarneri

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